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  • Melbourne City

    The KICSS 2012 conference site will be located near the city centre of Victoria - Melbourne, one of the world's most liveable city.

    City of Melbourne

  • An all time favorite.

    See Australia's fairy penguins at Philip Island, located south of Melbourne. Your family is guaranteed to love these cute little fellows!

    Penguin Parade at Philip Island

  • Witness the greatness of nature!

    Travel along the great ocean road and see the remaining Apostles before they are gone. Located in the south west of Melbourne, it's one sight that you do not want to miss.

    Great Ocean Road

  • The koala is not a bear, but you will want to hug it!

    The koala is not found in Tasmania or Western Australia so don't miss them when you are here.


  • Love the finer things in life?

    The yara valley regions north of Melbourne is one spot that you do not want to miss. Great wines, food and nature all within a short drive!


  • Nobu? Rockpool? Maze? It's all here!

    Or you are after a culinary adventure of the world, it's all within 10kms of the city centre!

    Melbourne, the food capital

  • The national symbol of Australia

    Kangaroos, they were featured on coins and used as emblems, logos and mascots. So now it's time to see them in real-life.


  • Ready for a walkabout?

    You have seen it on the movies, now find out more about indigenous Australians in Melbourne.

    Australian Aborigines

Visa Information

The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship has strict rules regarding the issuance of visa for business events. It is therefore recommended that you read the following materials carefully even if you are reasonably sure of the process.

All overseas delegates will need to apply for a business visa in order to enter Australia. The passport you hold determines whether you can apply for such a visa online, or that you need to lodge a paper-based application. To find out which application process applies to you, please visit this [link].

Once you determine your application process, click on one of the following links to apply.

For eVisitor eligible delegates, applications should be lodged via this [link].

For Electronic Authority Travel (ETA) eligible participants, applications should be lodged at [link].

For delegates not eligible for any of the above options, a paper-based application has to be lodged. The paper form can be downloaded [here] and the instructions can be downloaded [here]. The list of Australian visa offices where the paper application can be lodged are listed [here]. Please note that a visa application charge is payable when applying for this visa.

It is essential that you lodge your visa application at least 6–8 weeks in advance of your intended date of travel to Australia to avoid denial of entry into Australia. For online visa applications, please lodge your application at least three weeks in advance..

Australia's health and character requirements

Fact Sheet 79 – The Character Requirement
Fact Sheet 22 – The Health Requirement

Invitation Letter and Confirmation of Registration

Participants who require an official letter of invitation and/or confirmation of registration for attending KICSS 2011 should contact the conference secretariat at

NOTE: A letter of invitation will only be issued upon receipt of registration fees. Please scan your registration tax invoice and attached it in your email when requesting an invitation letter.